Vacation Time Off

VMware is committed to the healthy work/life balance of our people and we encourage you to enjoy your Vacation Time off (also known an annual leave). Vacation Time Off provides you with paid time off from your job for personal reasons including vacation, outside activities, scheduled medical appointments, and personal business. If your absence is due to an illness or injury, you should refer to the Sick Leave page.


The ‘Holiday Year’ runs from 1 January to 31 December inclusive. Your Vacation Time Off entitlement is calculated based on your service at the beginning of the Holiday Year which is in line with the calendar year January to December.

All regular employees are entitled to the following Vacation Time Off entitlements as provided for in the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and in accordance with applicable law in force from time to time.

Spain Vacation Time off Table

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Carry Forward

Five (5) days of unused Vacation Time Off may be carried forward to the following year. Carry forward Vacation Time Off will be forfeited without payment or compensation if not used within the first three (3) months of the new year. However, if you were unable to take Vacation Time Off due to your Sick Leave status derived from pregnancy, childbirth, breast feeding or childbirth’s suspension period, you will be entitled to enjoy your Vacation Time Off on another date even if the labor year has finished.

Cash Out

VMware only permits the cashing out of unused Vacation Time Off when you resign or cease to be employed for any other reason, at which time the full accumulated/outstanding time off entitlement, which has not lapsed by that time, is paid out.

Scheduling Vacation Time Off

  • Discuss your Vacation Time Off plans, in advance, with your manager. While business requirements must be taken into consideration, your manager will work with you to ensure that workload does not restrict you from taking Vacation Time Off.
  • Once agreed with your manager, enter your Vacation Time Off in Workday[VMware network access required] under time off type ES Vacation Time Off.
  • Vacation Time Off entitlement is provided in days, but for the purposes of tracking time off, it will be logged in hours in Workday.
  • Please note, in Workday, one (1) full day is equal to eight (8) hours and half a day is equal to four (4) hours no matter which regular working schedule you are working. However, the overall Vacation Time Off balance in hours will align to your total entitlement in days. You may only book time off in increments of either 1 full day or half a day.

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