Enroll or Change Benefits

Enrolling in Benefits

You may enrol or change your benefits coverage with VMware if you fall under one of the respective categories:

New hires, newly eligible employees, rehires, transfers and employees experiencing a qualified life event, have 30 days from their hire date or the qualified life event to enrol or make changes to their Medical [1] insurance.


If you are a regular, full or part-time employee you are eligible to enrol in benefits. Eligibility begins as of your start date. VMware offers benefits coverage for you and your legal dependents. Eligible dependents include:

Changing Coverage Mid-Year

A qualified life event allows you to make changes to your existing benefits mid-year. A qualified life event may include:

Enrolments or changes made within 30 days from the qualified life event will not be subject to completing a health questionnaire. Pre-existing conditions will be accepted and no waiting periods will be applicable. If this 30 day time frame is missed, a health questionnaire will need to be completed, waiting periods will be applicable and pre-existing conditions will not be accepted and/or the enrolment could be rejected by the insurer due to medical reasons.

Certain benefits can be amended at any time, please check the relevant benefit page for guidance on this or to enrol or update your benefits please contact HR Source [9] [VMware network access required].