VMware provides medical insurance through Cigna.


All regular employees and their spouse or partner, plus any unmarried dependent children up to age 35 years (non-inclusive) are eligible. Dependents must be living at the same address as the employee.

Cover Details

  • Total Annual Maximum: € 250,000
  • Network Provider: 100%
  • Hospitalization: 90%
  • Other Medical Expenses: 90%
  • Reimbursement Abroad: 90%

In-Patient Annual Limits:

  • Maximum Annual Limit: No partial limit
  • Hospitalization/day: € 1,200
  • ICU: € 1,300
  • Medical Fees (OMC Group 0-5): € 600 – € 4,500
  • Medical Fees (OMC Group 6-8): No partial limit
  • Childbirth: € 5,000
  • Psychiatric: 60 days/year

Outpatient Annual Limits:

  • Maximum Annual Limit: No partial limit
  • General Practitioner: No partial limit
  • Pediatric: € 250 per appointment
  • Specialist: € 250 per appointment
  • Diagnostic Tests & Treatments: No partial limit
  • Nursery: € 60 per appointment

Other Benefits Included:

  • Psychotherapy: Helpline unlimited. 6 appointments/year (reimbursement option), maximum € 50 per appointment. Previous prescription of a psychiatrist specialist will be required
  • Travel Assistance: Up to € 20,000
  • Second Medical Opinion: Included
  • Dental with deductibles inside the insurer´s network and Dental with expenses reimbursement out of Cigna´s network (maximum € 601,01 per insured/year with 80% reimbursement)
  • Access to Clínica CUN: Included
  • Access to Hospital network in USA: For serious diseases and previously authorized by the insurer (up to € 120,205)
  • Reimbursement for Pharmacy outpatient: Annual limit € 200 / Reimbursement 50%
  • Reimbursement for Vision (lens/glasses): Annual limit € 150 / Reimbursement 50%


VMware pays 100% of the premium costs for you and your eligible dependents. Eligible dependents include:

  • Spouse/Partner
  • Child(ren)


If you wish to enroll in the medical plan, you must do so within 30 days of your start date (coverage is effective on your date of hire).
Enrolments or changes made within 30 days from the qualified life event will not be subject to completing a health questionnaire. Pre-existing conditions will be accepted and no waiting periods will be applicable. If this 30 day time frame is missed, a health questionnaire will need to be completed, waiting periods will be applicable and preexisting conditions will not be accepted and/or the enrolment could be rejected by the insurer due to medical reasons.

Changing Coverage Mid-Year

A qualified life event allows you to make changes to your existing benefits mid-year. A qualified life event may include:

  • Marriage or newly eligible domestic partner
  • Divorce, legal separation or dissolution of domestic partnership
  • Birth or adoption of a child(ren)
  • Death of your spouse/domestic partner, child(ren)
  • A dependent becoming eligible or ineligible for coverage

Health Insurance Guides

Please note, the Health Insurance Guide is an informative document (it has no contractual value) which provides an overview of the main plan characteristics. You should refer to the “General and Particular Conditions” document you received from Cigna upon enrolment for the exact coverage’s included under the VMware Health Insurance plan. Alternatively, you can reach out to Cigna directly for confirmation.

When Coverage Begins

Coverage for you and your dependents under the medical plan will begin on your first day of active work as a VMware employee, provided you enroll within 30 calendar days of your start date.

When Coverage Ends

Coverage for you and your dependents under the medical plan will end on the last day of your employment with VMware.

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