Medical Leave

For those times when you need to be absent from work for medical reasons, VMware provides time off to recover, in accordance with statutory requirements, and when approved by Social Security.


Regular full-time and part-time employees who are directly employed by VMware.

Short Term Disability

Long Term Disability

Worker’s Compensation

For Short Term Disability that derives from an occupational accident or work-related sickness, ART fully insures benefits. From the first day after the disabling event and throughout the disability period, you receive a monthly payment equal to the amount of your monthly salary at the time of the event (including benefits in kind plus family allowances).

Scheduling Medical Leave

All Medical Leave, planned or unplanned, must be discussed with your manager. If an absence is unexpected, you should notify your manager as soon as reasonably possible.

Open an HR Source ticket [1] [VMware network access required] to report your Medical Leave. Include your leave’s start and end date along with the medical certificate to guarantee your corresponding payments during your leave.

Returning to Work

Once you return to work, open anĀ HR Source ticket [1] [VMware network access required] confirming your leave end date and return to work date.