Maternity Leave

VMware supports employees and their families in one of the most important times in life – the birth of a child. Maternity Leave allows mothers to take time off in accordance with statutory requirements so that you can take the necessary time away from work to recover and to bond with your new baby.


Maternity Leave benefits are available to VMware Argentina employees who have worked at least three (3) months.


You are entitled to your full salary for ninety (90) consecutive days, forty-five (45) days before the birth and after. You may choose to reduce your leave before birth to a period not less than thirty (30) days in order to extend your leave period after the birth.

Pay During Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave pay is provided by the Family Allowance Fund (Caja de Subsidios Familiares). You will not, under any circumstance be entitled to receive more than 100% of your wages while taking Maternity Leave.

Scheduling Maternity Leave

Returning to Work

Once you have completed your Maternity Leave, you have four (4) return to work options:

  1. Return to work under your previous employment terms.
  2. Resign and collect a special reduced severance.
  3. Request additional leave (without salary payment) for a minimum of three (3) months and a maximum of six (6) months.
  4. Once you return to work, open an HR Source ticket [1] [VMware network access required] confirming the option selected, your leave end date and return to work date.


While in the period of breastfeeding your child, you may request two (2) daily breaks for a thirty (30) minute duration. The breastfeeding period applies up to one (1) year after the birth of your child.

For additional support and resources to consider with the addition of a child to your family, see the Birth or Adoption [2] page.