Parental Leave

VMware provides Parental (Childcare) leave in order to allow time to bond with your child in accordance with Egyptian Labor Law.


Upon request, under current law a female employee is entitled to leave without pay for a maximum of two years to take care of her child. This type of leave is to be granted no more than 3 times during the employee’s service with the Company.

Medical Insurance – you will have access to your Medical insurance policy provided by the Company (if applicable) should you wish to use this during any period of unpaid Parental (Childcare) leave and provided you make an application to the Company in accordance with the application process outlined below.

To apply, employees should contact HR Source EMEA, confirming their intended commencement date of their leave. The HR Source Team will assist and inform the premium contribution which will be deducted upfront prior to the employee starting their unpaid leave.

In such circumstances, VMware will contribute 50% of the total premium cost towards the medical coverage under your Medical Insurance policy provided by the Company (if applicable).

Taking childcare leave

You should contact your manager and the HR Source EMEA team to apply and arrange for this leave.

You should inform your manager and the HR Source EMEA team of your intended Parental (Childcare) Leave as soon as you reasonably can.

The HR Source EMEA team will support you with queries on this policy and will work with the responsible teams to ensure your leave is tracked correctly.  While business requirements must be taken into consideration when planning leave periods, management and staff will work together on reasonable measures to ensure that workload does not unreasonably restrict you taking this leave.

For more information, please see the applicable Egypt Paid Family Time Off policy [VMware network access required].

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