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Archive: 2021 US Benefits Open Enrollment

Important Benefits Updates for 2021

2021 Open Enrollment FAQs

Answers to the 2021 Open Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Medical Plan Comparisons

Side-by-Side comparison of the UHC HSA PPO, Traditional PPO, and Kaiser HMO Plans.

Employee Contributions

Per paycheck contributions by plan and coverage level.

For domestic partner or domestic partner child(ren) see the Domestic Partner Imputed Income Rate table.

Virtual Benefits Fair Events

Register for Live Webinars, Digital Raffle Prizes and much more!
Recordings available here.

New Voya Supplemental Insurance Plans – Accident, Critical Illness and Hospitalization

Along with essentials like medical and dental insurance, you have the opportunity to enroll in additional benefits available through Voya. Each one you choose is a step toward a more protected, financially confident tomorrow.

Eligible employees must be actively at work as defined in your contract in order for coverage to become effective.

Accident Insurance

A covered accidental injury—like a broken bone, concussion or deep cut—may affect your daily plans, but it doesn’t have to hurt your financial ones. Get a benefit payment to spend on gas, utilities, or anything you’d like.

Your coverage includes Sports Accident, Catastrophic, and Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefits.

Critical Illness Insurance

Getting life back on track after a stroke, heart attack, or other covered illness is challenging enough. Get coverage that can help with everyday expenses and more.   This plan includes a Wellness Benefit – get an annual benefit payment of $75, paid directly to you, after completing a covered health screening.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Get a benefit payment after an eligible stay in a covered medical facility and use it for any expense you’d like. Childcare, groceries, help around the house—it’s up to you.

For more details, visit the Voya Employee Benefits Resource Center for VMware.

ARAG Legal Plan – Diversity and Inclusion Enhancements

The Ultimate Advisor plan, which is managed by ARAG, covers a wide range of common legal services through a carefully selected and monitored network of attorneys.

New this year, the VMware plan provides inclusive coverages that apply to any diverse group, such as:

  • Domestic partnership agreement
  • Hospital visitation authorization
  • Postnuptial agreements
  • Gender identifier change
  • Funeral directive

For more details, please view the ARAG Diversity & Inclusion Benefits Flyer.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Whether you are enrolling for the first time or already have an HSA, you MUST elect the HSA plan (if you enrolled in the HSA PPO medical plan) to receive the company contribution. You can choose to enter your contribution amount or leave it at 0.

Any contribution you elected for the 2020 plan year will NOT carry forward to the 2021 plan year.

2021 HSA Contribution Limits*

Type of Coverage 2021 Annual IRS Contribution Limit VMware Annual Contribution Employee Annual Contribution Limit
Individual Coverage $3,600 $750 $2,850
Family Coverage $7,200 $1,500 $5,700
Age 55+ or Turning 55 during the calendar year
Account holders who are or turn age 55 or older by December 31, 2021 are eligible to make an annual catch-up contribution of up to $1,000 above the IRS limits. Those who intend to enroll in Medicare during the year should check with their accountant to see how that will change the annual limit.

*Note: The annual contribution limits indicated above include VMware’s HSA contribution in order to avoid exceeding the 2021 IRS HSA limits.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

If you are a current participant in the Flexible Savings Account(s) (FSA), or plan on electing it for 2021:

You must elect the FSA plan within Workday and enter your contribution amount for the 2021 plan year. Any contribution you elected for the 2020 plan year will NOT carry forward to the 2021 plan year.

2021 FSA Contribution Limits

Type of Coverage Employee Annual Contribution Limit
General Purpose Flexible Savings Account (GPFSA) $2,750
Limited Purpose Flexible Savings Account (LPFSA) $2,750
Dependent Care Flexible Savings Account (DCFSA) $5,000

Legal Disclaimer
This webpage contains basic information about your 2021 VMware Benefits. If there is any difference between the information displayed on this webpage and the plan documents, the plan documents will govern. This webpage, together with other benefits communications, serve as a summary of material modifications (SMM) to the VMware Benefits Summary Plan Documents (SPDs) for 2021.

Last Updated: 21 Jan 2021, 12:00 AM