2017 Intern Benefits

U.S. Paid Interns working more than 30 hours per week will be eligible for select medical, dental and vision plans.


Paid Interns are eligible for the HSA PPO medical plan. The HSA PPO is a blend of a traditional PPO plan and a Health Savings Account (HSA). This tax-advantaged plan lets you save ahead of time for medical expenses. It gives you all the coverage you need while letting you choose how you spend on healthcare. Visit the HSA PPO medical page for more information on what the plan covers.

Dental Plan

VMware offers dental coverage through Delta Dental. You may use any dental provider you choose, but you save when you use dentists within Delta Dental’s PPO network.

Delta Dental Plan Details

Delta PPO Delta Premier or Out-of Network Provider1
Annual Deductible Individual: $50
Family: $150
Individual: $50
Family: $150
Annual Maximum Benefit Non-Orthodontic Services per Individual: $1,500
Orthodontia Lifetime Maximum per Individual: $2,000
Non-Orthodontic Services per Individual:
Orthodontia Lifetime Maximum per Individual: $2,000
Preventive/Diagnostic (exams, cleanings, fluoride, X-rays, and sealants) 100% (no deductible) 100% (no deductible) up to maximum plan allowance (MPA)
Basic Restorative (fillings, root canal, periodontics, and oral surgery) 90% after deductible 80% after deductible up to maximum plan allowance (MPA)
Major Restorative (crowns,bridges, dentures, partials, implants, etc.) 60% after deductible 50% after deductible up to maximum plan allowance (MPA)
Orthodontia (for adults and children) 60% up to lifetime maximum of $2,000 per individual 50% of the maximum plan allowance (MPA) Lifetime maximum of $2,000 per individual

1 The Premier provider has agreed to accept the contracted rate from Delta Dental. The Out-of-Network provider has not agreed to Delta’s rates. Delta Dental pays the percentage shown above of the reasonable and customary rate. If the Out-of-Network provider charges a higher fee than Delta’s reasonable and customary fee, you would be responsible for paying that additional cost.

Vision Plan

VMware offers vision coverage through Vision Service Plan (VSP). Paid Interns are eligible for the VSP Core Vision plan, that offers coverage for exams, lenses, frames and contact lenses.

Vision Service Plan Details

VSP Core Out-of-Network
Vision Exam (once every calendar year) $10 co-pay then 100% $10 co-pay then plan reimburses up to $50
Lenses (once every calendar year) $25 co-pay then plan pays:
Single Vision: 100%
Lined Bifocal: 100%
Lined Trifocal: 100%
$25 co-pay for Core Plan, then plan reimburses up to:
Single Vision: $50
Lined Bifocal: $75
Lined Trifocal: $100
Contact Lenses (once every calendar year, in lieu of lenses and frame) Covered up to $120 allowance Reimbursed up to $105
Frames Covered up to $120 (once every two calendar years)
Covered up to $65 for Costco Frames
Reimbursed up to $70
Diabetic Eyecare Plus Program $20 for services related to diabetic eye disease Not Covered

Intern Contributions for 2017

Per Paycheck Rates1

Plan Paid Intern Only Paid Intern + Spouse / Domestic Partner Paid Intern + Child(ren) Paid Intern + Family
Medical: HSA PPO $0.00 $54.02 $38.90 $97.24
Dental: Delta Dental PPO $0.00 $7.20 $12.68 $20.21
Vision: VSP Core Plan $0.00 $0.37 $0.39 $1.07

1 Per paycheck contributions are 24 times per year.

Dependent Eligibility

  • Your spouse or domestic partner. Please note: after tax contributions and imputed income may apply when covering a domestic partner. See the Domestic Partner Imputed Income Rate Table for details
  • Your child(ren), your spouse’s / domestic partner’s child(ren), are eligible for medical coverage until age 26, regardless of student status.
  • Your Foster Children

Health Savings Account

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a personal savings account that you use for healthcare. You may contribute pre-tax dollars towards this account to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses under the HSA PPO plan or dental or vision expenses. You decide how much money to contribute through payroll deductions and your savings are deposited tax-free. There are many advantages to opening a Health Savings Account:

  • Triple-Tax Advantaged – The money you contribute goes in tax-free*, grows with interest tax-free, and comes out tax-free (as long as you use it to pay for eligible health care expenses).
  • Watch It Grow – Your unused funds roll over from year-to-year and grow with interest tax-free. Think of your HSA as your long-term health care savings plan to pay for expenses as they come up or in the future.
  • You Own It – You own your HSA contributions. You can take your account with you when you leave VMware for any reason.

*Contributions to the HSA are tax-free for federal and most state taxes. However, HSA contributions are not tax deductible for AL, CA, and NJ. Interns are not eligible for VMware HSA contributions.

Visit HealthEquity’s website for information and resources for managing your HSA.


Take advantage of these tools and resources to help you with your health benefits:

  • Talk to ALEX™ (your virtual benefit adviser) for decision-making support.
  • Learn how the HSA PPO Plan.
  • Visit HealthEquity’s website for information and resources for managing your HSA plan.

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