Parental Leave

VMware provides Parental Leave so that you can take the necessary time off work to care for your new child.


To be eligible for Parental Leave you must be the mother or father of a child and have responsibility for the child’s upbringing.


Either parent can take thirty-two (32) weeks as Parental Leave, either simultaneously or in continuation of each other.

The father is entitled to prolong the parental leave for 32 weeks which can be extended to 46 weeks, if the father decides to stay at home with the child. This right can only be used by one of the parents and shall be agreed on with the employer.

Additional Parental Leave

You are entitled to save at least 8 and up to a maximum of 13 of the 32 parental leave weeks (‘’Foraeldreorloven) until the child is 9 years old.


  • The first ten (10) weeks (10/32) of Parental Leave will be paid at full base pay.
  • The remaining twenty-two (22) weeks (22/32) of Parental Leave will be state paid.

Treatment of Bonus/Commission Plans whilst on Parental Leave

Bonus: Please see the VMware Corporate Bonus Plan Rules.

Commission: Please see the VMware Inc, Sales and Compensation Terms and Conditions for the relevant period.

Scheduling Parental Leave

Discuss your leave plans with your manager and HR Source [VMware network access required]. While business requirements must be taken into consideration, your manager will work with you to ensure that work load does not restrict you from taking Parental Leave.

HR Source [VMware network access required] will support you with queries on the benefit and will work with the responsible teams to ensure your Parental Leave is tracked correctly.

For the above paid absence, any balance not utilized cannot be carried forward to the following year.

Returning to Work

While on Parental Leave you should maintain open communication with your manager and HR Source [VMware network access required].

You should contact HR Source [VMware network access required] towards the end of your scheduled Parental Leave to confirm and arrange your return to work.

For additional support and resources to consider with the addition of a child to your family, see the Birth or Adoption life event page.

Contact Us

Contact HR Source [VMware network access required]
ASK HR [VMware network access required]
Phone: 1-888-869-2738

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