Sick Leave

VMware encourages a healthy work environment. You are entitled to take Sick Leave in accordance with statutory requirements with the understanding that sick days are solely for the purpose of recuperating from an illness or injury impacting you or a dependent. 


You are entitled to six (6) weeks of paid Sick Leave (Salary Continuation or Lohnfortzahlung im Krankheitsfall). From the third (3rd) day of illness you will be obliged to present a medical certificate.  

After the 6th week of sickness, the company will extend the salary continuation by up to another 3 months. If you are sick for longer than six (6) weeks, you will receive a voluntary top-up payment covering for the difference between the illness payment received from your health insurance and your net base salary (Commissions, Corporate Bonus, Well Being Allowance und Internet reimbursement are NOT included). In order to receive the top-up payment, you need to provide to HR Source/Payroll with a document confirming the amount of sick pay you received from your health insurance.

Scheduling Sick Leave 

  • All Sick Leaves planned or unplanned, must be discussed with your manager. If an absence is unexpected, you should notify your manager or HR Source [VMware network access required] as soon as reasonably possible. 
  •  Record your Sick Leave days via Workday [VMware network access required]. Please note that the tool will show your leave in hours, whereas one day equals eight (8) hours for full-time employees. For part-time employees, the tool automatically reduces the number of hours per day. If you are away from work longer than three (3) days, you must submit a medical certificate for the whole period of your absence. This certificate must be sent to HR Source [VMware network access required]. 

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Contact HR Source [VMware network access required]
ASK HR [VMware network access required]
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