Annual Leave

Annual Leave provides you with paid time off from your job for personal reasons. Please consult our framework agreement with the Workers Council for guidelines applicable to Germany. 


You are entitled to take Annual Leave in line with the provisions of your contract of employment.  All regular employees are entitled to Annual Leave of thirty (30) days per annum. Twenty (20) days statutory, ten (10) days by VMware,in addition to Public Holidays.  During your probation period, you may claim the pro-rated Annual Leave for the time you have been employed at VMware. In the case of employment not covering the whole calendar year or part-time employment, Annual Leave is calculated pro rata.  

You and your manager need to create a Annual Leave plan for the whole year by the end of February. 

Carry Forward 

VMware will allow the carryover of five (5) days. Annual Leave that is carried forward must be taken by 15th April of the following calendar year. Workday [VMware network access required] will automatically delete any days in excess of five (5) days on January 1st annually. 

Cash Out 

Payment cannot be made for untaken leave under German employment legislation. 

Scheduling Annual Leave 

  • Discuss your Annual Leave plans, in advance, with your manager. If an absence is unexpected, you should notify your manager as soon as possible. While business requirements must be taken into consideration, your manager will work with you to ensure that work load does not restrict you from taking Annual Leave. 
  • Once agreed with your manager enter your Annual Leave time off in Workday [VMware network access required] under time off type Vacation Time Off (Hours) prior you start your vacation time.

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