Health Care & Private Nursing

VMware provides employer contributions to your health and nursing insurance, as per statutory requirements. Should you be insured in the public health & nursing insurance system, the contributions of both employee and employer will be visible on your payslip.


In case you are in the private health & nursing insurance, you are required to pay your contributions to the insurance directly. To get the employer part reimbursed to you, you are required to submit the annual confirmations from your insurance (“Bescheinigung zur Erlangung des Arbeitgeberzuschusses zur privaten Kranken-/Pflegeversicherung nach §257 SGB V / §61 SGB XI). This you can do in MyLife by choosing to Select Benefits and adding the Private Health & Nursing Insurance to your benefits. For a detailed step-by-step guidance, please see the Quick Reference Guide in the Resources section.

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Quick Reference Guide –
Private Health and Nursing Contributions

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