Vacation allows you time away from work to relax, travel, and enjoy time with family. If your absence is due to an illness or injury, you should refer to the Sick Time page.


You will earn two (2) weeks of Vacation time for every fifty (50) continuous weeks worked. According to the normal schedule, a complete Vacation period includes ten (10) working days. Each week comprises forty (40) hours of effective paid working time. Therefore, you will accrue 6.67 hours of vacation each month for eighty (80) hours (2 weeks).

You may only take Vacation if you have accrued Vacation time. You are not permitted to take Vacation based on future Vacation accruals.

Vacation that has accrued but has not been used will be accumulated up to a maximum of one hundred and sixty (160) hours; once one hundred and sixty (160) hours of accrued but unused Vacation has been accumulated, you will be directed to schedule Vacation as soon as possible.

You will be encouraged to submit Vacation plans to your manager as soon as you accumulate two (2) weeks (80 hours), no later than the end of the following calendar quarter.

If your Vacation is canceled or interrupted, additional Vacation time should be planned and scheduled immediately.

Scheduling Vacation Time

  • Discuss your Vacation plans with your manager. You are expected to notify your manager of your intention to take Vacation at least seven (7) days in advance. You may request exceptions to this notice period, and such requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis. While business requirements must be considered, your manager will work with you to ensure that workload does not restrict you from taking Vacation time.
  • Vacation may only be taken upon advance approval from your manager. After manager approval, go into Workday [VMware network access required] to report your Vacation time.
  • Vacation time must be reported in whole-day increments.

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