Short and Long Term Disability

Disability Insurance 

VMware provides Short Term anLong Term Disability benefits for all regular employees.  

Definition of Disablement

Disability is defined as an inability to work due to sickness or disability. 


In the event that you  became disabled, the following table outlines the benefit you will receive. In a case of sickness  the first 60 days are paid through the employer regardless of the overall service you have completed.

Short Term Disability Benefits

Cause of Short Term Disability  % of Salary Replaced  When Benefit Paid  Salary Cap 
Accident   80% of salary  3 to 59 days of absence  CHF 148,000 
Accident  90% of salary  60 days of absence onwards  CHF 350,000 
Sickness  90% of salary  60 to 670 days of absence  CHF 350,000 


You are automatically enrolled in the Short Term Disability insurance. 

When Coverage Begins 

Your coverage begins on your first day of active work at VMware . 

When Coverage Ends 

Your coverage ends on the last day of your employment with VMware for the benefits in case of sickness and additional accident. The benefits out of the mandatory accident insurance end one month after the last day of your employment with VMware. 

Long Term Disability Definition 

Your are determined to be Long Term Disabled 24 months for disability resulting in sickness or as a result of an accident your disability is determined to be long termOccupational disability is the total or partial loss of the ability to earn an income in the stable labor market in question after reasonable treatment of an impairment of bodily, mental or psychological health, and efforts to reintegrate the insured into the workforce. 


In the event that you  became disabled the following table outlines the benefit you will receive a monthly income replacement benefit according to the following schedule: 

Disability Benefits

Cause of Long Term Disability  Benefit  When Benefit Paid  Salary Cap 
Accident   80% of insured salary  When disability is determined by insurer to be long term  CHF 350,000 
Sickness  50% of insured salary   24 months or more  CHF 85,320 
Sickness  60% of insured salary  24 months or more  Salary above CHF 85,320

Additional Benefits 

  • Disability child’s pension is 10% of the OTarget Earnings up to CHF 84,600 and another 12% for salary above CHF 84,600 
  • Waiver of pension contribution is effective after 3 months 

Free Cover Limit 

You automatically qualify for Long Term Disability coverage up to CHF 350,000 in the additional accident insurance. 

If necessary, the provider  will ask you to fill in a medical questionnaire and/or do a medical examination. 


You are automatically enrolled in the Long Term Disability benefits and insured for amounts under the free cover limit listed below. In order to qualify for insurance amounts exceeding the free cover limit you may need to undergo a medical examination. The insurance company will contact you within your first month to provide you with details if necessary. 

When Coverage Begins 

Your coverage begins on your first day of active work as a VMware employee. 

When Coverage Ends 

Your coverage ends 30 days after the last day of your employment with VMware for mandatory accident and the pension plan, should you not be immediately covered in the insurance program of the new employer. Benefits from the additional accident ends on your last day of employment with VMware. 

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