Personal Leave

At VMware’s discretion, you can be granted a Personal Leave up to a maximum of ninety (90) calendar days if no other leave is applicable.


Regular, full-time employees in good standing, who have been employed with VMware for at least one (1) year are eligible to apply for a Personal Leave. You need to provide at least thirty (30) calendar days advance notice, unless the need for Personal Leave is not foreseeable. Failure to comply with this notice requirement may result in the leave not being granted, or commencement of the leave being delayed.

Duration and Job Protection

Job protection is not guaranteed while you are on a Personal Leave. Upon expiration of the approved Personal Leave, when you are ready to return to work, there is no guarantee of reinstatement to your previous position. If your original position is still available, VMware will make a reasonable effort to reinstate you. If your original position is no longer available, VMware will consider you for any available opening for which you are qualified, but you do not have priority, and there is no guarantee of equivalent duties, pay, terms, etc. If you are not reinstated (for any reason, including but not limited to job elimination), and you are not selected for an alternative, vacant position, VMware will terminate your employment and you will not be entitled to severance pay.



Performance Review

If you are on Personal Leave during the delivery of performance reviews, your review will be communicated to you upon your return to work.

Scheduling a Personal Leave

Inform your manager of your Leave as soon as reasonably possible. This will allow adequate time for the proper arrangements to be made prior to your leave period. Open an HR Source ticket [9] [VMware network access required] to report your Leave and include your leave’s start and end date of leave.

There are different levels of approval required depending on the length of your Personal Leave request:

Returning to Work

Once you return to work, open an HR Source ticket [9] [VMware network access required] confirming your leave end date return to work date.

If you do not return to work at the end of your approved Personal Leave period or if you accept other employment during your personal leave, VMware will assume you have voluntarily resigned from your employment.