Emergency Leave

You may take up to ten (10) days (80 hours), each calendar year, as an unpaid leave of absence to meet emergencies or other matters involving you or your family members. Emergency Leave can cover:

  • A medical emergency
  • A death, illness, injury or medical emergency of a family member
  • An urgent matter that concerns a family member

Family members covered by the statutory Emergency Leave provisions are:

  • Your spouse or same sex partner
  • Yours or your spouses/same sex partners parent, step parent or foster parent
  • Yours or your spouses/same sex partners child, step child or foster child
  • Your brother or sister
  • Yours or your spouses/same sex partners grandparent, step grandparent, grandchild, or step grandchild
  • An other relative who is dependent on you for care

Scheduling Emergency Leave

  • All Emergency Leaves, planned or unplanned, must be discussed with your manager as soon as reasonably possible.
  • VMware may require reasonable evidence as appropriate.

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