Vacation allows you time away from work to relax, travel and enjoy time with family. If your absence is due to an illness or injury, you should refer to the Sick Leave page.


You are entitled to thirty (30) consecutive days of paid Vacation time after twelve (12) months of continuous service. Vacation must be taken until twenty-three (23) months after your hiring / or birthday hiring.

Vacations may be divided into three (3) periods. Vacation time may not be less than five (5) calendar days, and one Vacation must be longer than fourteen (14) calendar days.

Vacations may not start on the following days:

  • Two working days before a Brazil/ local Holiday;
  • On Friday, Saturday or Sunday;
  • On a Brazil/local Holiday.


Vacation pay is calculated in accordance to your average pay for the last twelve (12) months. In addition to the normal salary payment, you will receive one third (1/3) of your normal salary as a Vacation premium. You will receive this payment before your Vacation, within the legal term.

Carry Forward

Vacation must be taken within twelve (12) months of being granted and cannot be carried forward.

Cash Out (Vacation Encashment)

You may sell ten (10) days of Vacation (Abono Pecuniário).

50% of the 13th salary advancement

Employees using vacation days from January to June are entitled during the vacation request to opt to receive the 50% of advancement of the 13th salary with the vacation payment.

In order to receive it, you must include in your 1st day of vacation request in Workday the option BRA 13th Salary.

Scheduling Vacation Time

  • Discuss your plans with your manager. While business requirements must be taken into consideration, your manager will work with you to ensure that workload does not restrict you from taking Vacation time.
  • Request your Vacation time in Workday[VMware network access required]. The vacation request must be included at least thirty (30) calendar days before the first day of your scheduled Vacation.

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How to Request Vacation in Workday

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