Marriage Leave

Congratulations! VMware knows that getting married is a very exciting time and provides Marriage Leave, in accordance with statutory requirements, so you can have some additional time to enjoy your wedding.


You are entitled to five (5) consecutive paid days of Marriage Leave to celebrate your marriage, according to our Collective Agreement in place. The days must be take as soon as you get marriage.

Scheduling Marriage Leave

  • Discuss your plans with your manager. While business requirements must be taken into consideration, your manager will work with you to ensure that workload does not restrict you from taking Marriage Leave.
  • Talk to your manager and report your marriage time off into

When you return from your Marriage Leave you will need to report your time off, via email or Help Now ticket, to the Payroll team and HR Source [VMware network access required] in order to update your marital status and Income Tax option (“Imposto de Renda”) Be sure to include your manager on the communications and attached a scanned copy of your marriage certificate.


  • In order to register your new dependent in the medical and dental insurances, and also change your life insurance beneficiaries, please contact your local Mercer Marsh representantive by email (up to 30 days after wedding`s date) and attach the marriage certificate.
  • You will remain eligible for benefits and will continue to have the full grant of Vacation Time and your stock will continue to vest.

For additional support and resources to consider, see the Marriage or Domestic Partnership page.

Contact Us

Contact HR Source [VMware network access required]
ASK HR [VMware network access required]
Phone: 1-888-869-2738


Last Updated: 27 Sep 2021, 9:59 AM