Flexible Spending Account


As a VMware employee, will be provided with a Flexible Spending Account.

Flexible Spending Account Amount

On January 1st you will receive a Flexible Spending Account for the year equal to 6% of your On Target Earnings (OTE) inclusive of base salary and target variable and target corporate bonus. If you are a new hire, the calculation is prorated in accordance to the month of effective hiring date (0.5% per month).

Flexible Spending Account Options

You will have the opportunity to review your options every January. You can make use of your Flexible Spending Account on:

  • Complementary nursery sponsor (complementary to the one guaranteed under Union agreement) or baby sitter payment (based on same rules)
  • Medical or dental procedures not covered or partially reimbursed by OMINT
  • Glasses or contact lens
  • Nutritionist/Dietary Program
  • Medicines and vaccines
  • Medical plan premiums for parents, in-laws, dependents and children not covered under the Omint health plan
  • Supermarket voucher up to R$ 850,00 per month
  • Tuition Assistance for dependents and children
  • Private Pension Fund

Except for the pension fund and supermarket voucher, all remaining options are based on reimbursement. The reimbursement is tied to a specific expense report with required documentation proof and is in accordance to all conditions established for each item. Each item is validated by Accounts Payable prior to processing.

Accessing Your Flexible Spending Account

You can access your Flexible Spending Account through the Online Benefits Portal . You will receive a confidential login during your first week at VMware, and will have 30 days to login to make your Flexible Spending Account elections.

Using your Flexible Spending Account

Once you make your elections, you can login to the Online Benefits Portal  anytime to submit your eligible expenses for reimbursement. You must submit all expenses in order to be reimbursed within 2 months of being incurred.

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