MultiSport Card

VMware employees are eligible to enroll into the Multisport program, provided by Benefit Systems Bulgaria.

My MultiSport is a digital platform, where users can order, activate and deactivate their MultiSport cards. Besides that, it provides access to different discounts, blog articles and online trainings.

As VMware employee:

  1. You can activate and deactivate your MultiSport card. The payment of your MultiSport benefit will be deducted from your salary
  2. Additional cards (limit: one accompanying person and two kids) – you can activate, deactivate additional cards on the platform and pay for them directly to Benefit Systems Bulgaria.

MultiSport Card Prices From 01.10.22

Employee: 48 BGN, deducted from monthly payroll
Accompanying card: 60 BGN, paid directly to the vendor via card transfer
Kids: 30 BGN, paid directly to the vendor via card transfer. Important: Kids card has limited cover for Fitness service. Please check Multisport website before you place your order.

Orders Details:

Existing cards activation and deactivation for the next month are made from the ‘My Cards’ section in My Multisport, by the *20th of the month (before 16:30). Changes made *after the 20th will take effect in the month after the one which is upcoming.

Where to find your card You can find your card at VMware office, Mailing Room. New cards are delivered by the vendor, between 27th and 30/31st each month.

Digital card Option: Switch to a digital MultiSport card 📳 (

New joiners who don’t have Multisport card, should send an email to  with subject : New employee VMware/Multisport card request. You will receive an invitation to your company email and should follow the steps to complete your order.

Leavers should deactivate their Multisport card before their last day in the company. You can deactivate your card by the *20th of the month (before 16:30) in the Multisport app, using „Deactivate“ button. Your card will stay active until the last day of the current month, as the deactivation is valid from the 1st day of the following month. If you have missed 20th of the month for the deactivation process, please contact

Card Reissuance ( due to lost card or family name change)  please submit your reissuance request in the Multisport portal. Then send an email to, to approve your request. After Employer ( SB) approval, you can collect your card from the Mailing room or VMware Reception desk. ( Multisport courier the reissued cards within couple days, after the approval step)

*E.g.: If you activate cards before the 20th of September; they will be active for October. If you activate them after the 20th of September, they will become active for November.

*If the 20th of the month is a non-working day, the changes of your order need to be done up until 16:30 of the last working day (before the 20th)

Contact Us

Contact HR Source [VMware network access required]
ASK HR [VMware network access required]
Phone: (+359) 28041003

Benefit Systems Bulgaria +359 879 280 284


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