Health Insurance

VMware employees and their family members are eligible to enrol into the Healthcare program with Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group.

The voluntary health insurance with Bulstrad as part of the VMware Bulgaria policy, allows usage of medical services under subscription principle in a wide network of medical centers in Sofia and throughout the country. Covered medical care services used outside of the contracted medical centers may be reimbursed.


VMware employees and their family members are eligible to enroll into the Healthcare program with Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group (please, refer to the descriptions of these groups below).

The maximum age limit is 70 years.


  • Outpatient Treatment: VMware health insurance package has unlimited aggregated coverage for outpatient treatment.
  • Inpatient Treatment & Hospitalization: The health insurance covers unlimited aggregated expenses for hospital treatment.
  • Preventative Care: Prevention check-ups are organized for the whole group once in insurance year.
  • Eye Care: Expenses for medications and dioptrical glasses/lenses are reimbursable up to a sublimit of BGN 200 per insurance year or up to a sublimit of BGN 400, in case a plan with Reimbursement of expenses for Pharmaceuticals is chosen.
  • Dental Care: Bulstrad Health Plan shall cover medical expenses for dental care with a limit of 500 BGN per annum (or 700 BGN if the extended coverage has been chosen). The covered services may be used either on a reimbursement principle or on subscription – as chosen by the insured individual in the beginning of the plan usage for the whole period. Paradontosis / Periodontal disease is included in the Dental care coverage.
  • Additional Conditions and Services:
    • 24/7 Call center with medical staff
    • Personal online record of submitted claims
    • Reimbursement of expenses up to 15 working days after submission of all documents
    • Medications need to have been purchased no later than 15 calendar days after their prescription
    • Dioptric glasses / contact lenses need to have been purchased no later than 3 months after their prescription
    • The VMware Healthcare plan covers past and chronic diseases.

Using the Health Insurance Program

Insured individuals willing to reimburse their expenses for services and medication covered by the Company Health Plan should require and keep all related documents as they will be part of the claims documentation. All documents should be issued with the name and personal data of the individual, who have used the service, not that of VMware.

VMware and its employees enrolled in the policy are eligible for tax relief according to the current regulations.

Enrolment in the Course of the Insurance Year

Enrolment of employees and/or their families should be completed within 2 months of the beginning of the insurance year (or from commencement of work for new hires). At the end of the insurance year (23rd March to 22nd March), employees and their family members can change their participation. They have 2 months following the start of the new insurance year to complete this.

New hires can enroll in the insurance policy once per month. Enrolment in the corporate healthcare plan is done through MyLife [VMware network access required].

Insured individuals enrolling in the program mid-year, will pay a pro-rated premium.

In cases of major life events (like birth, death, marriage, divorce, separation when there was a partnership), changes in enrolment can be made outside of the enrolment window within 30 days of the event taking place. If you experience a qualified life event and want to make changes to your enrolment you should do this via MyLife [VMware network access required] within 30 days of the qualified life event.

Please note that if you action your enrolment in the corporate Healthcare Plan before the 19th of the month, your cover will start on the 23rd of the same month. If you action your enrolment after the 19th, then your cover will start on the 23rd of the following month. Your Bulstrad medical card will be available for you to collect from VMware reception in the Bernard Building, within 2-3 weeks of you cover start date.

During the period between the effective date of the insurance and receiving the medical card, employees and their enrolled dependents still can use their health insurance, using the following options:

  • Use the healthcare insurance under reimbursement principle, paying out of pocket for the service and submitting a reimbursement claim for the expenses.
  • Use the healthcare insurance under subscription principle with a contracted medical center.
  • Arrange an appointment through the health insurer call center.
  • Arrange an appointment by themselves and ask the medical facility they are attending to confirm with the insurer the coverage (usually done at reception).
  • Download Bulstrad’s mobile app which has an option for virtual card until they have the plastic, provided the insurance is active.


Employee Direct Family Member Indirect Family Member
VMware Responsibility of Premium Costs 80% 25% 0%
Employee Responsibility of Premium costs 20% 75% 100%

Employees’ contributions for the plans they have elected, are deducted from their salaries in monthly installments. You can view the health packages in the Resources section to see a detailed description of each offering.

Cost Sharing

  • VMware Employees

VMware Bulgaria covers 80% of the premium costs for all employees who have requested to enroll in the Bulstrad Health plan, up to the basic package limits. Employees contribute 20% of the basic premium cost and the difference up to 100% of the premium of the upper limit level they may decide to choose.

  • Direct Family Members

VMware Bulgaria covers 25% of the premium costs for the employees’ direct family members who have requested to enroll in the Bulstrad Health plan, up to the basic package limits. Employees contribute 75% of the premium cost for the basic package and the difference up to 100% of the premium of the upper limit level they may decide to choose.

For the purposes of the program, „direct family members“ shall be considered husband/wife/domestic partner, son/daughter. To include a direct family member in the healthcare plan, employees will be required to confirm in MyLife Benefits Portal [VMware network access required], the information declared for their relationships is true and accurate and to be able to provide documents proving this status upon VMware request. 

  • Indirect Family Members

Employees may enroll indirect family members in the group healthcare plan and they will cover 100% of the annual insurance premium on their own expense on monthly installments.
For the purposes of the program, indirect family members will be considered parents (mother/father) and siblings (brother and sister).


Upon termination of employment the policy will cease on the last day of employment for both the employee and any eligible dependents.