VMware provides a Retirement Plan through a Group Insurance Plan with AG Insurance.


All regular VMware employees are eligible to participate in the Retirement Plan.


VMware contributes into a private pension plan with AG split into two policies:

  • Policy 1
    • Employer Monthly Contribution percentage is based upon your base salary and Social Security Ceiling
    • VMware Contribution is 1,75% S1 + 7% S2
      • S1 = part of your yearly base salary up to legal pension ceiling
      • S2 = part of your yearly base salary above this ceiling. Yearly base salary = Monthly salary of January * 13,92
  • Policy 2
    • At the end of the year VMware pays an extra contribution into a separate bonus plan. This contribution is based upon commission or bonus (calculated February/March and invoiced May/June)
    • VMware Contribution: 7% C
      • C = Commissions & Bonuses + OVT
      • Commissions & Bonuses are limited to (OTE – yearly base salary)
      • Overtime = if you are entitled to overtime


You are immediately 100% vested.

When Coverage starts

Coverage begins on your first day of employment with VMware.

When Coverage ends

Coverage ends on your last day of employment with VMware.

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Phone: 1-888-869-2738


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