Short and Long Term Disability

VMware provides Disability Insurance through a Group Insurance Plan with AG Insurance.


All regular VMware employees are eligible for Disability Insurance.


In case of absence due to illness or disability of less than thirty (30) days VMware will continue to pay your salary.

In case of absence due to illness or disability exceeding thirty (30) days, you are paid 70% of your average salary over the last three (3) years from the Group Insurance. This average salary is calculated as follows:

S = S (n-1) + OVT (n-1) + S ( n-2) + OVT (n-2) + S(n-3) + OVT (n-3)


Career in VMware (Max 3 years)

S (n-x) being the total yearly salary of year X limited to the OTE

OVT (n-1) being the overtime of year X


VMware pays 100% of the premium costs for you.

When Coverage Starts

Coverage begins on your first day of employment with VMware.

When Coverage Ends

Coverage ends on your last day of employment with VMware.

Contact Us

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ASK HR [VMware network access required]
Phone: 1-888-869-2738


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