Health Insurance

VMware provides Health Insurance through a Group Insurance Plan with AG Insurance.


All regular employees and their spouse/partner and eligible child dependents. Dependent Children are defined as unmarried children under the age of 30, who live at home or who away from home but are still studying. Disabled children continued to be affiliated.

If you wish to affiliate your spouse/partner and/or children you must do so upon joining. You will not be able to affiliate later on unless you have a qualifying life event (marriage or birth) and must affiliate within 2 months of the life event occurring.


The medical coverage includes Hospicare (Inpatient) treatment and Ambucare (Outpatient) treatment.


  • Covers medical expenses incurred due to hospitalization
  • Covers cost of medicines and/or treatments for grave illnesses


VMware pays 100% of the premium costs for you and your eligible dependents for the Hospicare.

For Ambucare, VMware pays 100% of the premium costs for you. You may choose to cover your spouse/partner and eligible child dependents at the following costs (2023 costs below):

  • Adult: € 39.83 (taxes included) / month
  • Child: € 13.38 (taxes included) / month

Franchise (Excess) Payment

A franchise payment of €125 per person insured per year is payable by the employee in the case of a claim for Hospitalisation (only).

When Coverage starts

Coverage begins on your first day of employment with VMware.

When Coverage ends

Coverage ends on your last day of employment with VMware.

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