Annual Leave

VMware recognizes the value of an effective break from the working environment. Time away to re-charge and relax is encouraged and we are committed to ensuring that annual leave is taken by employees each year and can be used for:


All regular full-time employees are entitled for 20 days of Annual Leave per year (In addition to public holidays). Annual Leave is pro-rated for part time and newly-hired full-time employees. Unused Annual Leave rolls over annually and there is no cap on accumulation. Annual Leave accrued is paid out upon termination of employment.

Leave should be taken at a rate similar to that at which it accrues, i.e. 20 days per annum; although it is recognized that some employees may like to build their entitlement in anticipation of a longer break in the near future.

In the interest of employees maintaining a work/life balance, if an employee exceeds 30 days leave accrual, and no pre-approved leave is in the system, they will be provided with written advice by their manager to schedule leave at a mutually agreed time, subject to operational requirements.

Note: Annual Leave accrues at a rate of 1.67 days per month (with an adjustment accrual of 1.63 days in the month of December).

Christmas and New Year

Management retains the right to close company facilities in accordance with operational requirements at Christmas and New Year or any period required for operational reasons. Employees should reserve sufficient leave to cover such period of closure.

Taking Annual Leave in Advance

Annual Leave may be taken in advance of accrual with management and Human Resources approval, to the extent of 10 days.  This is intended to assist new employees who have not had time to accrue sufficient leave for their holidays and to minimize the processing of leave without pay.  It is not intended for established employees who should have had sufficient time to accrue leave for planned holidays.

Scheduling Annual Leave