Personal or Carer’s Leave

VMware encourages a healthy working environment. When you or your dependent aren’t feeling well, Personal or Carer’s Leave provides you with paid time off to rest and recuperate at home. You may use Personal or Carer’s Leave for:


Regular, full-time employees may use up to ten (10) days of Personal or Carer’s Leave per year. Employees working on a part-time basis will accrue according to their ordinary hours of work.

If you fall sick or are incapacitated whilst on Annual Leave [1], the period of the illness is to be claimed as Personal Leave and the equivalent Annual Leave [1] will be credited, provided:

Personal or Carer’s is pro-rated for newly-hired full-time employees based on month of hire:

A medical certificate is required after you are absent for a period of two (2) days or more. VMware has a right to ask for a medical certificate if leave is taken on a Monday or Friday and following or preceding a Public Holiday [2] or work-related function.

After accumulated Personal or Carer’s Leave entitlements have been exhausted or when the continuous period of absence due to illness reaches three (3) months (whichever occurs first), the Salary Continuance Plan will come into effect.

Carry Forward

Unused Personal or Carer’s Leave gets rolled over annually and there is no cap on accumulation. Personal or Carer’s Leave accrued is not paid out upon termination of employment.

Scheduling Personal or Carer’s Leave

Days of Absence

Consecutive Days of Absence Type of Leave Detail
1-2 Days Personal or Carer’s leave Contact your manager as soon as possible to inform you will be out of the office.
2+ Days Personal or Carer’s leave A Medical Certificate is required if the employee is absent for a period of 2 days or more

If you have been asked to provide a medical certificate, upon your return to work, email the medical certificate to Payroll [4] and copy your manager.