Parental Leave


Full-time and part-time employees who have at least six (6) months of continuous employment with VMware are eligible for Parental Leave time.


You can take up to twelve (12) months aggregate leave, for the birth or adoption of a child, with a six (6) week compulsory Parental Leave period immediately following the birth.  Parental Leave is available to both different or same-sex couples.  If both parents are employed at VMware, you may not be on leave at the same time, and the twelve (12) months represents combined leave permitted to both parents.  Parental Leave is only available to you if you have or will have primary responsibility for the care of the child.

Within the initial twelve (12) month Parental Leave period, you can make a request to extend your Parental Leave up to an additional twelve (12) months.  Your request must be made in writing, at least four (4) weeks before the end of your initial Parental Leave period.

In the event of miscarriage/loss of pregnancy, employee may avail local miscarriage leave or global bereavement leave and not both.

Paid Parental Leave

Effective 1st Jan 2019, VMware will provide sixteen (16) weeks of Paid Parental Leave, for each pregnancy or adoption of a child, as long as you have at least six (6) months of continuous employment with VMware.   You must provide evidence of primary caregiver status to be eligible for paid leave within the twelve (12) month Parental Leave period.  The paid portion of your leave is in addition to any government benefits provided. To determine if you are eligible for government benefits, you should consult the Australian Government’s Family Assistance Office website.

Employees who are eligible to take Parental Leave will receive payment as follows:

  • A sum equal to sixteen (16) times your weekly base salary
  • This sum will be paid over the first four pay cycles (weekly base salary x 4 weeks in each cycle) from the commencement of your Parental Leave
  • Government benefits will be paid to eligible employees in accordance with the timing requirements of that scheme

Interaction with Paid Paternity/Partner Leave

VMware provides fathers/partners with 4 weeks’ paid leave in accordance with the Australia Paid Paternity / Partner Leave Policy. If the father/partner becomes the primary carer and applies for Parental Leave, the relevant employee can only take up to 16 weeks’ company paid parental leave in total, inclusive of the 4 weeks of paid Paternity / Partner Leave.

Scheduling Parental Leave

  •  Notify your manager

Please contact your manager and discuss your Parental Leave request. Employees should provide ten (10) weeks written notice stating the expected date of commencement of leave, period of leave, and expected date of return to work.

  • Recording Parental Leave

After your manager has been notified, contact HR Source [VMware network access required] for your Parental Leave to be recorded.

Keeping in Touch Days

Keeping in Touch Days allow those on unpaid Parental Leave to come back to work for up to ten (10) paid days without ending their leave. This voluntary program is designed to help employees feel and stay connected with VMware, and assist in your transition back to work.

A Keeping in Touch Day may include:

  • Attending a planning day
  • Attending a training
  • Attending a conference
  • Attending a team-building event

Both you and your manager must agree on your Keeping in Touch days at work. If you utilize your Keeping in Touch Days, you will be paid at your base salary rate and will accrue leave entitlements for the days worked.

Benefits During Parental Leave

  • Annual Leave and Personal/Carer’s Leave will accrue, but Long Service Leave will not accrue during Parental Leave.  However, it will not break continuity of service for future calculation of Long Service Leave entitlements.
  • Payment for Public Holidays may not be claimed during Parental Leave.
  • Coverage by the Corporate Health Plan will continue unaffected during Parental Leave.
  • You may arrange to continue your Superannuation contributions during any unpaid portion of your Parental Leave.
  • You will retain the same level of Life and Permanent Disability insurance coverage you had prior to the start of your Parental Leave. However, the employee funded portion will be deducted from your existing Superannuation account balance.
  • Temporary Salary Continuance (income protection) will continue to be funded by VMware during your Parental Leave.
  • Employees on Novated Car leases must contact to make arrangements prior to their Parental Leave.
  • A remuneration review due during your Parental Leave will be actioned upon your return to work.  Such reviews will reflect your performance during any period worked since the last review.

Returning to Work​

Written confirmation of the date you plan to return to work is required four (4) weeks beforehand. Upon your return to work you are entitled to the position you held immediately prior to your Parental Leave.  If that position is unavailable (e.g. no longer exists) you are entitled to return to an available position for which you are qualified and suited, and which is nearest in status and pay to the pre-Parental Leave position.

For additional support and resources to consider with the addition of a child to your family, see the Birth or Adoption life event page.

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Australian Government’s Family Assistance Office
Keeping in Touch Days

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