Group Salary Continuance

VMware provides Group salary continuance insurance via Onepath.

All regular full-time employees are covered under group salary continuance insurance subject to working minimum of 15 hours per week. You must be under age 65 at the commencement of coverage.


Income protection provides you valuable income protection and can help you and your dependents if you become totally disabled, ill, injured and are unable to work.

  • The sum assured is up to 75% of your Annual Salary (average of actuals earned over previous 3 years) i.e. base salary,  bonus/commission, and car allowance (if applicable), payable up to age 70
  • The insurance also provides contribution to the Superannuation plan on prevailing contribution rate up to a maximum of $30,000 per month

Waiting Period

You will be paid after an initial waiting period of 90 days.

Definition of Total Disability

You are totally disabled, solely due to injury or sickness, if you are:

  • Completely and continuously unable to perform your occupation in any capacity; and
  • Remaining under the regular care and the attendance of a medical practitioner and are following the advice of that medical practitioner in relation to that Injury or Sickness; and
  • Not engaged in any occupation, paid or unpaid

Automatic Acceptance Limit (AAL)

The policy has an Automatic Acceptance Level (AAL) of $16,000 per month or $192,000 per annum which equates to a salary equivalent of $256,000. If your salary is less than $256,000 then you are automatically insured for 75% of your salary. Employees with salary above the indicated threshold will be subject to underwriting requirement basis which coverage will be determined.

For example:

If your total salary is $300,000 per annum (made up of $142,500 Base + $15,000 car allowance + $142,500 commission)

Sum insured:      $300,000 x 75% = $225,000

Since $225,000 is greater then the AAL of $192,000, the employee would be subject to underwriting requirement basis which coverage will be determined.

If your total salary is $100,000 (made up of $90,000 base + $10,000 bonus)

Sum Insured:     $100,000 * 75% = 75,000

Since $75,000 is less then the AAL of $192,000, then no underwriting is required.

If you need to enquire further about the AAL, please reach out to Mercer Marsh Benefits who manage our Group Salary Continuance insurance policy with OnePath.

Mercer Marsh Benefits


Ph: 1300 265 741

It is important to note that multiple Salary continuance insurance coverage plans are of no use, since under Australian rules, you can only claim through and be provided payment by one provider at any one time. You should ensure that this product is right for you and your family.


VMware pays 100% of the premium costs for Group Salary Continuance Plan insurance.

When Coverage Begins

Coverage begins on the first day of your employment.

When Coverage Ends

Coverage ends on the end of your last day of service with VMware.

If you leave VMware, you may be able to continue the cover by porting the policy on personal basis within 60 days of leaving service, subject to underwriting requirements by Onepath, and provided if:

  • You are under age 55
  • No benefit is payable to you under the Group Salary Continuance policy
  • You have not left due to disablement or retirement
  • The Employer’s plan has not ended
  • Your new employer is not a company associated with your former Employer, and also does not provide group salary continuance cover
  • You have not joined or are part of any armed forces

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