Group Death And Total Permanent Disability (TPD)


All regular full time, part time, fixed term employees and Interns of VMware Australia are eligible to participate in the VMware Australia Superannuation plan and the associated Life insurance provided therein by Australian Retirement Trust (formerly Sunsuper)

Group Death and Total Permanent Disability (TPD) coverage is extended through VMware Australia Super arrangement. Employees that do not elect to participate in the VMware Superannuation Plan will not be eligible for Death and TPD Insurance subsidized by VMware. Depending on the alternative superannuation plan you select, you may be able to arrange life cover through that plan at your own cost.

Note: You can join the VMware corporate plan at any time, however, you must do so within 120 days of commencing employment with VMware to ensure your insurance cover has no limitations in the first 12 months.

Automatic Acceptance Limit

The policy has an Automatic Acceptance Level of AUD $1.5 Mil . You are automatically insured to your 4 time’s salary multiples. Employees with salary above the indicated threshold will be subject to underwriting requirement basis which coverage will be determined.


You or your beneficiaries will receive a lump sum payment of four (4) times your annual salary including base salary and target bonus in the event of death or disablement while in the service of VMware due to illness or injury. The coverage for Life insurance is up to the age of 70 years and for TPD is until the age of 67 years. However the multiple of salary used to calculate your TPD cover reduces annually from age 61.

Employees with salary above the automatic acceptance limit listed above will be subject to underwriting requirements and may need to undergo a medical examination. You may elect to purchase additional insurance for yourself , however, this will be at your own cost and subject to underwriting. Please reach out to Australian Retirement Trust for more details.

Please access Australian Retirement Trust Microsite [VMware network access required] for more information on VMware Australia Superannuation plan and associated insurance benefits.


Following your commencement, you will receive a package setting out full details of the VMware Australia Superannuation Plan benefits and entitlements.

If you elect to join the VMware Australia Superannuation Plan, you will receive information from Australian Retirement Trust after your first contribution is paid by VMware.  The information will include your account details, plan benefits and entitlements and links to register for an online account and to download the Mobile App.

To qualify for insurance amounts exceeding the automatic acceptance limit you may need to provide evidence of good health. Australian Retirement Trust will contact you to provide further details.


VMware pays 50% of the premium costs for Group Death & TPD insurance. The remaining 50% would get deducted from your super account balance maintained with Australian Retirement Trust.

When Coverage Begins

Coverage under Group Death & TPD Insurance will begin upon enrolment in the VMware Australia Superannuation Plan benefits and entitlements provided the following events have occurred – i.e. the employee:

  • Has attained age 25, and
  • Has an account balance of $6,000

Employees can opt-in to insurance coverage sooner than this by completing the membership application form available on Australian Retirement Trust Microsite [VMware network access required] in the “New starter” section and return it to Australian Retirement Trust or log in to Member Online once your account has been activated and select “opt-in for insurance cover” under insurance. You can also call Australian Retirement Trust for assistance on 13 11 84.

When Coverage Ends

When you cease employment with VMware, your Superannuation account with Australian Retirement Trust will be automatically transferred into a personal account in Australian Retirement Trust for Life and rules there off will be applicable.

There will be some differences in your new super arrangement because you’re no longer part of the VMware Superannuation plan:

  • VMware will cease the 50% funding of standard insurance premiums;
  • Administration fees and insurance premiums will change to those applicable to the Australian Retirement Trust for life personal product.

Please update your Australian Retirement Trust online account with your personal contact details (mobile number, personal email and home address) to ensure you continue to receive communications from Australian Retirement Trust after you cease employment with VMware.

Contact Us

Contact HR Source [VMware network access required]
ASK HR [VMware network access required]
Phone: (+61) 292935535

Australian Retirement Trust (Formerly Sunsuper)
Phone: 13 11 84
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Please access Australian Retirement Trust Microsite to download important forms and guides

Last Updated: 2 Mar 2022, 2:31 PM