Health Insurance

VMware provides supplemental health insurance to all regular employees and their qualified dependents.


The supplemental health insurance coverage includes:

  • In-patient treatments
  • Free choice of hospital and doctor
  • Costs for escorting insured children until the age of 20
  • Daily allowance for treatments in common class
  • Ambulance service transportation
  • Childbirth expenses for treatments in common class
  • Single room optional

You can choose between two different tariffs (with or without deductibles). You may also cover your family members (all persons who live in the same house hold).

Pre-Existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions may be excluded under the plan.


You have 30 days from your date of hire to elect your benefits and forward back all completed forms. If no election is made the default benefit package (employer only) consists of:

  • Accidental Disability Benefit
  • Death Coverage (2-times creditable salary)
  • Enrolment in the Retirement Plan for pension contributions

If you elect to enrol in the health insurance, you will automatically qualify for coverage after filling out the application form. In extra ordinary cases you may need to undergo a medical examination. You will be notified if underwriting for cover is required and will be issued the necessary medical questionnaire. Each year you will be given another opportunity to change your benefit election, in force at the next renewal date.


Under the flexible benefits scheme, VMware contributes 6.5% of pensionable earnings (annual gross salary including commission, bonus and overtime reward up to on target earnings) to you for the purchase of the benefits provided under the flexible benefits scheme. Through this arrangement, VMware will pay a portion of the premium costs depending on tariff:

  • With deductible: 75% of total premium
  • Without deductible: 50% of total premium
  • At least € ​​25 per month

As this benefit is a direct insurance, which is limited to EUR 300 p.a. as a tax free benefit, the exceeding premium will have to be taxed as a benefit in kind.

Further, premiums for your family members will not be paid by VMware.

Coverage Begins

Your entitlement for coverage will begin on the first day of the month following your first day of active work as a VMware employee but after the enrolment process has been completed. The general waiting period does not apply, only 9 months waiting period in the event of pregnancy applies.

Coverage Ends

Coverage for you and your dependents under the VMware Healthcare plan will end on the last day of your employment with VMware but may be continued in terms of a private contract (VMware conditions will not be granted).

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