Educational Leave

VMware provides Educational Leave in accordance with statutory requirements.


You are entitled to the following unpaid days:

  • Three (3) working days for each entrance examination at secondary vocational and higher education institutions and to prepare for them
  • Employees at general schools, secondary vocational or higher educational institutions shall, on the request of the educational institution, be provided with educational leave:
    • To prepare for and take current examinations – three (3) working days for each examination
    • To prepare for and take credit tests – two (2) working days for each credit test
    • For laboratory activities – based on the number of working days prescribed by the curriculum
    • To prepare and present the graduation thesis – thirty (30) calendar days
    • To prepare for and take state (graduation/final) exam – six (6) working days for each examination

Travel time to and from the educational institution shall not be included in the period of educational leave.

 Scheduling Educational Leave

  • Discuss your Educational Leave plans in advance with your manager. While business requirements must be taken into consideration, your manager will work with you to ensure that workload does not restrict you from taking Educational Leave.
  • Once agreed with your manager, you will need to
    • Contact KPartners for any mandatory paperwork required to be submitted locally for the educational leave to be processed
    • Enter your Educational Leave time off in Workday [VMware network access required] under time off type Study/Exams Time Off (Days) – Unpaid.


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